ohn (CLICK) leland, is Flash Harry's MASTER OF THE BASS, has been the backbone of the band's rhythm section since day one. Along with Harry, Click was a founder member of the Band. Many of you already know that Click is a left handed musician, which some people would say makes him odd; we'd rather call him unique!

lick has an infectious sense of humour and is the 'ejit' of the band - he keeps the spirits high whatever the mood. Game for a laugh Click likes to party and sets the pace for the rest of the band. He has been known to step off moving vehicles, such as tour coaches and motorcycles; and while he can rock with the best of them he definitely doesn’t bounce too well?!

Look out for the sporty 'Click Mix' !


Name: John (Click) Cleland
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Fav Artists: Stiff Little Fingers
Fav Music: Eine Kliene Nauchtmusik
Hobbies: Biking, Camping, Music
Favourite Drink: Pints of Beer, Red Wine, Bucky (Lurgan Champagne) and a wee drop of Spanish Brandy
Past Lives: Deja Vous, Been Rockin’ all over the world for a few eons, was formerly a hamster in a past life.

Click Montage