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Meet our Crew!

Left to Right they are: Spike Milliken, Dougie Smith and Caroline (Cj) Sear.

Spike and Dougie are our road crew, both long serving men in black. Spike is our chief roadie, driver, stage manager and lighting engineer, whilst Dougie, also driver and roadie, takes care of the sound. A good gig for both Dougie and Spike is one where you don't notice them, but do notice us! To put on a good show for you, they get to the gig hours before you or us, unload the gear, set it all up ready for us and perform preliminary sound checks. When you arrive at the gig and are having a drink at the bar, they're running around helping us with last minute adjustments and making sure that everything's in order. Whilst you're enjoying the show, they're making us look and sound good for you, and then afterwards, whilst you've adjourned to the pub or are homeward bound, they're taking down the kit and loading the truck again. They arrive home hours after we're tucked up in our beds. And then, sometimes, they do it all again the following day, and maybe the day after that too.

Cj has worked in the back office for us for a number of years. You'll sometimes see her as part of the stage crew; but othewise she's working on our social media presence - Facebook and website. She's also the keeper of our archived material and runs the merchandise.

We're pleased that all three are officially SPA certificated for working indoor and outdoor live events.

For our Crew, THE SHOW MUST GO ON - no question, no compromise.

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