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tevie hanks is the man that makes your toes tap and your hands clap (Phil Lynott 1977). A savage beater of the drums Shanksy says "Every time the drums come out of their case someone's gotta die!" When he's not beating the crap out of his drums he's always running around organising stuff or meeting people (we think he knows all our audiences by name!!).

tevie was previously the drummer with his own very successful band Ashanti but was nicked for his powerhouse drumming style and on-stage charisma. His emulation of Roger Taylor's drumming style comes from years and years of being an avid Queen fan.

A keen golfer, there is nothing Stevie likes to do better than to get his balls out and give them a good whacking followed by a swift Jumanji (a wierd whiskey and ginger thing invented by him and Trixie - Harry's dad). And when he's not drumming, golfing or drinking Jumanji he's out zipping around on his Harley Davidson.


Name: Stevie Shanks (Shanksy)
Instrument: Tama Star Classic Bubinga / Sabian Cymbals / Pearl Free Floating 14 x 6 1/2" Maple Shell Snare, Drum Studio (Stevie Shanks) Custom made maple sunburst 14 x 6 1/2 Snare, a big old 6' Symphony Gong, Roland Octopad and a beat up set of timpani (and don't forget the magic dust !?). Roland TD12, Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom, Trak 400 Series, Brian May Red Special Guitar, Line 6 Amp, Loads of Percussion bits and pieces, Copeland Electro Acoustic.....
Fav Artists: Horslips, Magnum, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Nightwish
Fav Music: Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Soul Music and anything thats good
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Music, Golfing, Biking, Skiing and Drinking Jumanji
Favourite Drink: Bush & Ginger (Jumanji) and Beer:)
Past Lives: Mirage, Ashanti, Clouds, Tusk, Endzone and loads of dep gigs.
Other Bands: The Ski Band
(a band who get together once a year to go skiing and gigging and drinking in Austria and no sleeping allowed!!). Clann An Drumma - A Scottish Tribal Pipes and Drums band

Shanksy Montage