arry amilton and John (Click) Cleland were the original founders of Flash Harry in 1992, and even before then, in the 1980's when the Band performed non-Queen material under a different name. Harry has been an ardent Queen fan since he was 9 years old. As he got older people were always commenting on how he resembled Freddie and how he had a voice to match; but Harry would say that he doesn't try to mimic Freddie like-for-like. However, his stage presence and vocal range is striking, and when he's strutting his stuff on stage, few can say that they're not transported into a world of Queen Rock and Roll at its best.

arry has been called many things (all good of course) but perhaps the name that suits him best is "The Great Pretender." He was named in Ireland's Buzz magazine as "Most Entertaining Performer" for several years running, and the show beat stars such as Van Morrison for the award of "Best Live Act." Harry has to be seen and heard to be believed.

arry is nothing like his mentor off stage, preferring a newspaper and a cup of tea (the rest of the band are very accommodating and have reluctantly agreed to do his partying for him), but he has developed the knack of "Switching on" to his Freddie mode minutes before the start of each show and more recently is developing a taste for the finer things in life - like booze!!. His sense of humour has kept his feet firmly on the ground and he enjoys nothing more than dressing up in ladies clothing (only for stage appearances of course). He also does a mean Bruce Grobbelar impression?!


Name: Harry Hamilton
Instrument: Throat
Fav Artists: Elvis, Queen, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder
Fav Music: Georga, Over the Rainbow
Hobbies: Music, History, Talking
Favourite Drink: Tea
Past Lives: Numerous recording projects and is currently performing with his own swing/ jazz ensemble

Harry Montage