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Born, bred and still living in Belfast, Stevie Shanks is the one at the back who makes all the noise! He originally started out learning the Trumpet, and then the French Horn at school. In the Band, he plays a 7-drum, 7-cymbal kit (plus of course the Bo Rhap gong, and loads of percussion bits), but can also turn his hand to acoustic guitar. He's also the only person we know who can throw up between a high-hat and a snare drum, whilst continuing to play, and not drop a beat!

He joined the Band shortly after the first couple of Shows, having previously played in Ashanti. From time to time, he guests with Scottish tribal band Clan an Drumma, and has played in a successful run of shows with a Pink tribute show, which he created.

A proud Harley Davidson owner, motorcycling has been a lifelong passion. Quite the sportsman, Shanksy has played badminton for his country: he's also an accomplished skier and keen golfer (at one point carrying a 6 handicap); but more recently his strength (every pun intended) is in body building and weight lifting. Following in his Father's footsteps, he's one of only a very few people who have successfully lifted and carried the 332kg Dinnie Stones in Scotland - in fact this is the only father and son combination since 1860 to do this. He's held 29 world records in a range of weightlifting disciplines.

His first job was as a window cleaner, but he now sits in a cosy warm office working in procurement.

Favourite Queen Song: Hammer To Fall.

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