tevie oyd may be the newest guy in Flash Harry but he is definitely not new to the Belfast gig circuit. Co founder of Ashanti with Shanksy, Stevie has been regarded as one of the top players around for many years and when the audition came up that wasn't hard to spot! Stevie has always been noted for his unique style of playing (a good thing to have in a Queen tribute band) which he's added to the Flash Harry sound not only with his playing but also with his amazing vocals.

As if that isn't enough he's also a biker: )


Name: Stevie Boyd (Boydy)
Instrument: Guitar (he has millions of them!)
Fav Artists: Gary Moore / Pink Floyd / Frank Zappa
Fav Music: All music
Hobbies: Nah
Favourite Drink: Guinness / Bailies
Past Lives: Doghouse / Ashanti


Boydy Montage