tephen rosser joined Flash Harry after returning from England where he had been doing a tour of the club circuit. At a Show, you'll often hear Harry say "it's no good shouting "Stevie" - there's 3 of them!". And so it is lol. If you don't know which guy is which, then shouting "Stevie" will give you a 60% success rate. Of course, they're all different in their own way, and not just in the instruments they play. Stevie Prosser is the wain of the band, yet he's been in situ as keyboard player extraordinaire pretty much since day 1. Mind you, as a multi talented instrumentalist, you'll also see him behind a guitar from time to time, as well as adding harmonies to the vocal mix. If there's a musical director in the Band, then it's Stevie P, as he's the brains behind organising new arrangements for the set when we tweak it. A highly intelligent, purveyor of fine wine and good food, that's our Stevie P.

tephen started playing the piano at the age of seven while studying music at Belfast. His career in the rock music scene started at the age of 13 playing lead guitar and keyboards in a local school band. Joining members of the Irish rock legend Sweet Savage in 1986 Stephen has worked extensively throughout Ireland and Britain. As well as recording for many acts he has had over 20 songs published and recorded by other artists.

He also likes the odd pint from the golden fountain head, purely for medicinal purposes of course and he fixes organs (church ones). A keen giver of time to charity (but never talks about it folks) and has lovely skin for a bloke!


Name: Stevie Prosser
Instrument: Keys
Fav Artists: Franks Zappa, Steely Dan
Fav Music: Wierd Jazzy Keyboard Player Stuff
Hobbies: Computing, Music and Sleeping off too many pints
Favourite Drink: Too many pints
Past Lives: Emerald, Bad Reputation

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