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A Celebration of the Music
and Magic of Queen

STEVIE BOYD - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

If you've read the other biogs, you'll be aware that having three Stevies in the Band can get confusing. So, not surprisingly, Stevie Boyd is called Boydy!

He's the newest member of the Band, if you can say that joining in 2008 makes him new! However, he's been around on the music scene for way longer than that: he co-founded Ashanti with Stevie Shanks back in 1983 and also plays in Doghouse Belfast Ska.

He plays lead guitar, but is also a dab hand with acoustic too. He takes the higher harmonies in the backing vocals, but he's got a good solo voice too as can be seen when he occasionally takes the spotlight. Click here to see Stevie's rendition of Bad Company's "Seagull".

He's generally the duty driver when we travel together to and from Shows which is no mean feat when we're all brainstorming new ideas, or alternatively crashed out after a good gig.

Stevie's a family man and works in the public service sector.

Favourite Queen song: One Year Of Love

Boydy Montage