A Celebration of the Music
and Magic of Queen

STEVIE PROSSER - Keys, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals

There are three Stevies in the Band, so Stevie Prosser is generally referred to as "SP". With the dubious honour of being the youngest of us (but incredibly, also a Grandfather), SP joined back in 1993 having previously played in Emerald and Sweet Savage. He still plays with Bad Reputation of whom he was a founder member back in 1990.

He's a multi talented composer, with several songs published, which other artists have recorded; he's also a consummate instrumentalist. Having started playing keyboards at the age of 8, he studied music in Belfast, and cut his teeth on rock music by playing keyboards and guitar in a school band when he was 13. By the age of 15, he was playing in pubs and clubs! Quite a change of direction for someone who was originally a boy chorister in St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast. Of course, you still hear him singing middle register harmonies in the Band's backing vocals.

He plays a Korg Triton EX88 and Korg M50, but you'll also see him playing acoustic guitar, and he has played bass in the Band.

If there's a new arrangement required for a song, then SP with his musical director's hat on, will be the person to do it.

He's self employed, and a Director at Unique Wood Products NI where he creates custom designed furniture and all manner of wood related products.

He's also able to turn his hand to the maintenance and servicing of church organs.

Favourite Queen song: Killer Queen.

SP Montage