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It isn't his first name, but it's the name he's best known by, and together with Click, Harry was a founder member of the Band back in 1992. Prior to that, since the 1980's they'd both been performing Queen and non-Queen material together in Free Flight.

Harry's been a Queen fan since he was 9 years old. He started out learning bass guitar, and despite essentially being a shy and retiring character, coming from a performing family, it was only a matter of time until he found his feet as the Band's front man, taking on the lead vocals.

No-one can deny Harry's likeness to Freddie Mercury, but he doesn't try and mimic the great man: when he turns on his Freddie mode at Shows, his stage presence and vocal range is striking, and when he’s strutting his stuff on stage, few can say that they’re not transported into a world of Queen Rock and Roll at its best.

You may also have seen Harry perform his solo American Songbook swing/jazz shows.

Harry's a family man with his work cut out being the father of 3 daughters; he works in the food/drink retail sector, and not surprisingly therefore, he's partial to a snifter of red wine.

Favourite Queen song: Somebody To Love

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