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A Celebration of the Music
and Magic of Queen

John "Click" Cleland - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Canberra Australia conceived, but Belfast-born Click always wanted to be a musician. He was 12 when his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas and so the learning began. Having previously played in Free Flight along with Harry, Click was a founder member of the Band back in 1992. Prior to that, he'd cut his teeth on rhythm and lead guitar, but switched to bass for the first Queen show. In fact for the Band's first gig, Click didn't have a bass guitar of his own, so had to borrow Harry's: and being left handed meant that the instrument had to be played upsidedown! He clearly couldn't go on like that, so in time for the second gig, he traded in his 6 string for a bass that's done every Show since! It originally had a white scratch plate but Click made a brass one to replace it, so that it would shine in the spotlights.

Have you ever wondered how Click got his nickname? When he was 13, it was the fashion to have metal protectors attached to the bottom of shoes and boots to make the heels last longer. Click had small horse shoes fitted, and from way off, his friends could hear the sound of metal on pavement as he walked up the street - hence the name!

Click has an infections sense of humour and keeps the Band spirits high whatever the mood.

A keen motor cyclist, Click works in the engineering sector, and loves nothing more than fixing stuff, and sitting in front of a cosy fire.

It's rare that you'll see him singing any solos, but you will hear him singing lower harmonies in the backing vocals: however watch out for the yodel in "Fat Bottomed Girls"!

Favourite Queen song: Spread Your Wings

Click Montage